Readeez Phonics Song

What makes this song different? For one thing, the song. It's got a melody you can sing and your brain can latch onto. For another thing, the sound quality. Meticulous recording using ridiculously expensive microphones, mixed so the vocals are prominent and undistorted -- this is an excellent way to learn. 

I spent about a year working on this one (enduring a hard-disk crash right near the end). Do us both a favor and buy the MP3. Or the Video/MP3/PDF Bundle. Thanks! 

Readeez Phonics Digital Bundle

Three great ways to learn in one neat little package. You get a high-quality MP3 of the song; a high-def video, playable on your computer, iPhone or iPad; plus a 28-page full-color PDF book. Thanks for supporting Readeez. 

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Readeez Phonics Song MP3

A high-quality, apples-to-zebra instant MP3 download of the Readeez Phonics Song. Perfect for car trips, transition times, diaper changes (yours or theirs) -- any time you need to know the sounds English letters make when they're not making other sounds or being silent. 

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NOTE: You can't download directly to a phone or tablet. Download to your computer, than add to the device. Details in the Download FAQ.